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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm a BOAR!

Have you ever said something and then wondered why those words ever came out of your mouth.. and you wish for that one moment you could just disappear from the face of the earth.!! I've been in such situations before... but this one beats 'em all! (I hope there aren't anymore)

The day: was like any other..
The place: Snack-shak
The topic: Astrology

The discussion was about astrological/zodiac signs.. which month each of us were born in and the common characteristics. When I deviated slightly from the topic and declared that "I'm a boar"

Now to me, I was making a statement declaring that I was born in the Chinese year of the BOAR. But anyone could make their own interpretations of the statement.

To this, one retorted "what!! I thought you were a human" and without even realising I replied "I'm a boar and even my dad's a boar". Snigger's all around... and hushed laughter!

I just couldn't understand what was so wrong in what I said. And to add to the existing statements.. "I don't know what my mum is though"... That just did it... everyone had a good laugh at my expense! If I'm a boar, my dad had to be a boar.. and my mom most definitely had to be one!!! (not in a zodiacal way!!!)

And now I realised my folly and had to hide my face elsewhere... How could I not realise what I had just said? A terrible foot in the mouth experience. :( Someone even suggested putting up a discussion board on the intranet with musings of my talks!! Now that is just terribly embarrassing!

I've always had a good laugh at celebrities making such statements. But it just ain't a pretty experience when you make one yourself. I've learnt to think before I speak. I speak my mind.. But I need to control what I think and say things at an appropriate time.

I'm quieter at lunches now.. weighing every word carefully.. But I know this is just a phase and only a matter of time before I'm back to my chirpy-talkative phase.. People now say they are "boared" of not hearing me speak much.!

I also know there maybe so many people out there who've had similar experiences... I'd love to hear your story to ease my bruised ego!!!

On Second thoughts... was it a foot in a mouth?... or just a miscommunication?... I'd like to make myself feel better thinking its the latter!!!