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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Love Paper!

My love for paper began at a very young age and it has only evolved in the years to come. It all started with collecting paper napkins from different hotels and making boats and four-paper cup games. I loved folding paper and was amazed at what shapes and forms it can take. As a kid, I remember making paper purses to hold monopoly money in and would accompany my mom on her shopping getaways with my multi-colored purse in hand (little did I know then that monopoly notes couldn't even buy a candy wrapper let alone a whole city!). I would even cut up paper and make small booklets much to the displeasure of my uncle from whom I would “borrow” his prized possession of crisp white bond paper. Just about any paper would do... My handy scissor would go snip- snip... Voila.. a new creation..

I didn't really pursue this interest in paper (I now wonder why!!!). Though I was always fascinated with all kinds of handicraft work, I never really thought of myself as a craft-artist. The urge to do break monotony of life prompted me to look for interesting things on the Internet. And to my amazement, I found art and craft work beyond my scope of imagination. Before I knew it, I was jumping from one site to another and squealing at every adorable creation I found. I was as happy as a little child at my new found treasure!

I began learning origami and made numerous objects from beautiful flowers, kusudamas, the infamous origami cranes to boxes and paper stars that didn't require a drop of glue to hold in it place! Its really amazing what paper can do!. I even made paper bags!!! And then I chanced upon the paper art of Quilling (or paper filigree as it is also known) and fell in love with paper all over again. Thin strips of paper rolled up to make masterpieces. I didn't even know its a 500 year old art!!!

I started off by making small flowers... It was loved by everyone.. As my interest grew, I started to pursue it as a serious hobby and made my first framework for a very dear couple whom I adore.

And so... One thing let to another... and now I have my own collection of quilling artworks and earrings called Kalista!


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